100 Fun Gifts for The Dog Lover in Your Life

Dog people are fun people to be with. They are easy-going and sociable, making it easy to find the perfect gift for them. The internet is swamped with different gift ideas, and it becomes overwhelming and stressful to come up with the best gift for the dog lover in your life.

The search is over because you are on the right page, we have already surfed the internet for you and listed 100 fun gift ideas for the dog person in your life.

From funny statement tees to portable vacuums, from the cutest things to the “must-have” items. We got you!

1. Statement Shirts

If you know a friend that’s always late and has a dog, this might be for her!
sorry I’m late shirt is from a 100% environment-friendly company and uses 100% recycled materials. Define sustainability!

the t-shirt for dog owners

2.Personalized Framed Canva

I-am-your-friend- Framed Canva is a wooden wall art decoration with a message that will be an attractive art piece in any home.

wall art

3. Miniature Dog

If you know someone who just lost their dog, then this will be a thoughtful gift for them. This is also perfect for kids or adults who likes dog but doesn’t have one yet. They come in an environment-friendly gift-ready box too. Adopt at a mini miniature today!

the cutest mini version

4. Pet Blanket

The recipient will get excited to snuggle on their bed when they receive this personalized dog blanket!

customized dog blanket that features your best friend

5. Statement Tote Bag

As a dog lady, I don’t deny being a crazy dog lady! Any dog mom will agree with me

crazy dog lady tote bag
a perfect gift for your crazy dog lover friend

6. Dog Portrait Digital File

Coffee with this view defines perfect mornings, especially when your recipient lived in a closed apartment room. You can line up all the dogs in this custom portrait they had in their lifetime and put wings if it is already restings in the dog heaven.

dog portrait gift
the most thoughtful gift to someone or even yourself

7. Hand Drawn Her and Him Print

The perfect portrait wall art with a him-dog-her above the bed headboard. You can get it here

him and here dog print
maybe the favorite thing to look at in your home

8. Leash Holder

A funny wooden sign with a hook to hang the dog’s leash gift. Hanging of dog’s or owner’s things made fun.

a funny, welcoming gift

9. Sketcher’s Dog Print Shoes

Different dog breeds printed in a pair of walk-in style!

shoes with dog prints
dog printed shoes for your dog-obsessed friend

10. Tumbler with Engraved Saying

Are you an introverted person who enjoys dog’s company more than people? Let them know your preferences with this tumbler! Because seriously, why not?

Treat yourself or a dog lover you know with this straight-forward mug to remind the world that dogs are awesome.

tumblr with funny saying
Seriously, who doesn’t?

11. Dog Fart Extinguisher/Candle

Your recipient will surely laugh and adore the smell of this hand-poured candle!

funny candle gift
a humorous gift for anyone who likes candles and dogs

12. Framed Pawprint and Picture

The perfect desk frame that displays your dog’s picture and its paw print in an air-dry clay that you easily make yourself.

picture frame and pawprint
a keepsake frame you can cherish forever

13. Expandable Bangle Bracelet

This bracelet is customizable. You can put the picture of the recipient’s dog, and she will surely love and enjoy wearing it.

expandable bracelet bangle
A reminder of your most cherished dog wherever you go.

14. Customized Mug

A mug you can have customized to put your friend’s dog and her to make her smile. You can get this cute mug here.

customized mug gift
absolutely a wonderful gift for a dog parent

15. Funny Reminder Wall Hang

The humorous wooden wall hanging gift to your dog lover friend who’s having a rough day lately. It will surely lift his spirit.

funny sign wall decoration
Comic wall art to hang on your home.

16. “Best Dog Dad” T-shirt

Celebrate “Pawder’s” day on any day and gift a dad dog this t-shirt. They deserved it for being the most loving and responsible fur dad in the world!

best dog dag statement t-shirt
The best gift for your proud fur dad!

17. Dog Printed Apron

A baker and dog lover friend will have more fun in the kitchen wearing this dog printed apron!

dog printed apron
If they love dogs, baking, and cooking, they will love this!

18. Customized Dog Socks

Cute faces of their dog in cute customized socks  to keep their heart warms as well as their feet!

face of you dog socks
cute faces of your dogs to keep your feet warm

19. Dog Digital Portrait

If your recipient loves aesthetics, then this is for her. This is a digital portrait that you have to print and choose a frame according to your liking.

dog portrait
a way to remember your dog’s cute face

20. Magazine Portrait

For her awesome pet who’s cute enough to pass as a cover fur model in any magazine!!

magazine dog portrait
for the superstar four-legged companion

21. Dog Printed Dish Towel

Style and function in one. Perfect for fur moms. Go get it here.

dog print dish towel
great combination of fun and function

22. Wall Hang Wood Art

This might be the sweetest gift for the dog lover in your life.  you + me and the dogs wood art is perfect beside the complete family photo picture frame.

wood sign gift
the wall art for fur mom and dad

23. Crossbody Handbag

The perfect gift to kids or teens who likes to put their things in a small bag.

small crossbody purse bag
a cute bag to love

24. Dog Enamel Pin

The perfect enamel pin to accessorize their style. When you get someone a bag, this is a perfect add on.

cute dog enamel pin
the gorgeous pin

25. Tea Towel Dog Printed

The table protector or cover when having a tea time. This beautiful towel becomes an art piece in their living area.

dog printed tea towel
Fancy for a tea?

26. Dog Nose Magnet

The hilarious dog magnet that your recipient will go LOL when they see this. If displayed or put in the refrigerator door, it will put a smile on their face.

funny dog nose magnet
I could only imagine how funny will be the dog’s reaction when they see this!

27. Personalized Dog Collar

You will never go wrong with a collar because a dog owner will always appreciate a collar. What makes this unique is that you can put a personalized message that says “mom will be worried” and put their number. It creates a safe and comfortable feeling when they walk their dog outside.

personalized dog collar
never go wrong with a collar

28. Dog Plaque

So true! Any dog lover will agree and appreciate this art.

dog art plaque
the perfect piece of art in any home of a dog lover

29. Watercolour Portrait

This watercolor portrait is hand-drawn and great to display in any home. A dog lover will always enjoy having a portrait of their favorite fur companion.

watercolour dog portrait
as an artwork made with love

30. Make Your Own Dog Treats Kit

A great gift for a dog person who likes DIY or “Do It Your Own” things for their pets. Their pups will certainly enjoy these homemade treats!

make your own dog treats kit
A simple and fun activity for dog lovers to enjoy!

31. Scented Bag

Scents always put us in the right mood. If you know someone, who smiles when they smell something good, this might be for here. It’s also in a dog print bag, making it a cute decoration to hang anywhere.

bag scented sachets
Perfect looks and smells great!

32. Personalized Dog Basket

For keeping their dog’s things tidy and well kept! It doesn’t hurt the design of their home because this dog basket has a clean design and printed with names and paws.

personalized dog basket
Ample storage to keep things tidy!

33.  Heavy Duty Dog Door Mat

This durable doormat is made of high-quality natural rubber that absorbs moisture and dirt. Not to mention, it compliments any decor with its stylish design. It may be put indoors to keep the inside of the home clean or outdoors to put in your front door, walkway, garage, and many areas in your home, making it a useful gift.

rubber door mat
more than just a “wipe your feet.”

34. Stainless Stemless Wine Tumbler

A tumbler that’s very useful for a dog lover who likes drinks and takes a while to finish because they like to enjoy and savor it. It will keep their cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot! They will truly appreciate this.

world's best dog mom wine tumbler
Cold drinks stay cold and hot drinks stay -for hours! any dog lover will appreciate

35. Dog Socks with Funny Message

“I can’t get up right now” The perfect statement, mostly when you are lounging with your dog. Best gift for a dog person who likes to cuddle with their dog!

cute and funny socks
the cutest socks with a funny hidden message

36. Wine Glass

The perfect wine glass for a fur mom’s day off. There’s never really an alone time when you have a dog in the house.

stemless wine glass dog lover gift
a little wine for the fur mom won’t hurt

37. Mini Plant Pots

Wouldn’t this be such a lovely gift to your dog lover friend who likes plants indoors too? It also has drainage holes that are very helpful for plants to prevent excessive moisture.

mini flower pots
the adorable gift idea for your dog lover friend

38.  Pet Pouch Hoodie

This might be the best here on the list! A dog lover who loves to snuggle and carry around their small fury baby will definitely love this!

pet pouch hoodie
for warm cuddles with your pups!

39. Coffee Mug with Message

“I work hard..” coffee mug is the perfect gift idea to someone who works hard for their dogs.

I work hard so my dog can have a better life
for the hardworking fur parents!

40. Printed Throw Pillow

“It’s not dog hair. It’s a pug glitter”  every dog owner can relate to this!

it's not dog hair, it's pug glitter
Any dog owner can relate!

41. Paw Necklace

There’s nothing more special gift than a necklace with a paw pendant; a dog lover will cherish this with their heart. It looks elegant too with its black and white diamonds.

sterling silver paw necklace
paw-sitively a perfect gift for someone who loves dogs

42. Dog Paw Bath Bombs

Spoil them with self-love with these bath bombs that will renew and radiate their skin. You will never go wrong with giving them something that helps them relax, nourished, and glowing.

dog paw bath bombs
self-care at its best

43. “My Dog Thinks I’m Cool” Statement Shirt

Needless to say, more. No need to explain or validate yourself. As long as you have your dog, you’re good! This shirt is available here. They have lots of designs to choose from!

my dog thinks I'm cool
you are your dog’s world

44. Bohemian Dog Collar

The perfect gift for a dog person who likes bohemian kinds of stuff. Go get it here.

for girl dogs

45. Peeking Dog Decal/Sticker

This will be a conversation starter in any home, and kids will find this amusing! They might hunt for more peeking dogs, so make sure to buy lots of them!

peeking dog sticker
everyone who sees this will love it

46. Personalized Puppy Tail Hook

The love for a dog’s butt came into useful art. Who wouldn’t love this?

puppy tail hook
Dogs bum made into a useful art!

47. Digital Drawing Dog T-Shirt

A dad/granddad dog will absolutely appreciate this! You can have their dog printed in a t-shirt they can proudly wear and show off their best friend.

dog drawing printed t-shirt
The cutest shirt ever to wear!

48. Funny Flip Card

The flip card that would “flip” anyone’s mood! This flip card has good and appropriate humor for that good laugh.

hilarious flip card
Guaranteed smiles!

49. Dog Printed Pajamas

The perfect gift for a dog lover who likes to wear jammies when going to bed or lounge around the house. These pajamas are made of 100% premium cotton, making them comfortable and super soft.

comfortable pajamas
The cute and comfy gift to gift!

50. Dogs Wearing Facemask-Facemask

Don’t be confused. This is literally a mask printed with dogs wearing a facemask. A very timely gift for your friend.

dog wearing facemask printed facemask
the witty facemask to gift a funny dog lover friend

51. An Angel Hugging a Dog Handmade Figurine

This figurine speaks so much. Not only is it a beautiful display, but it also symbolizes an unbreakable bond of friendship and pure love that was shared between the dog and the dog owner.

angel and dog figurine
a reminder that a furry friend is in a better place

52. A Lady Hugging a Dog Handmade Box

This is a small box that reveals a short but sweet message when you open it. It says, “Truly a Friend.” This is indeed a beautifully made item. Perfect for a friend who recently lost her dog. She can put any treasures inside that reminds her of her late dog.

lady and dog box
A small and sweet box to keep treasures.

53. Paw Print Love Hoodie

A comfy hoodie for a lazy day

comfy paw print love hoodie
a perfect hoodie for a lazy day

54. Funny Beware Sign

When a dog owner is scarier than the dog because the dog forgets to be a dog. A funny beware sign for a good laugh before entering the house. Perfect for dog owners who has sweet and friendly dogs!

beware sign
your unusual but real sign

55. Dog Butt Magnets

This may not be the most durable item out there, but they are cute for what they are. Certainly for decoration to enjoy looking at. You may it here.

dog butt magnet
A little humor to laugh at

56. Dog Wind Chimes

These dog wind chimes are magical to look at, especially at night. They glow in wonderful colors that will indeed illuminate anyone’s heart.

dog wind chimes
for a magical night

57. Dog Page Calendar

A dog lover’s yearly must-have! It is a flip calendar with different dogs on each page and has cute little sayings!

fun dog page calendar
a fun way to start a dog lover’s day

58. Cute Puppy Pattern Socks

The puppy socks anyone would love wearing. It is made of 80% Cotton, 15% Acrylic, 5% Spandex making it stretchable, durable, and soft. Its puppy pattern makes it the right choice for a gift.

cute dog socks for ladies
A little surprise gift for a kid or kid-at-heart who loves puppies!

59. Renaissance Style Painting Portrait

Geth their dog the portrait they deserve. Have their dog in renaissance style painting and get a priceless reaction! You can have a custom piece from Custom Dog Portrait

funny renaissance painting
be blown away with this hilarious painting!

60. Paw and Initial/Name Keychain

This Keychain is made of stainless steel, so it’s non-tarnish, and its color will last long. It has charms that make it cuter, especially the paw charm! You can choose a color for your birthstone and engrave initials or name.

paw and initial kecychain
super personalized gift

61. Minimalist Dog Portrait

For a dog lover who likes to keep her/his home beautiful and simple, this might be the perfect gift.
You can choose a dog breed, make them wear anything you like or any color you want. Very personalized. Making it more unique and a thoughtful gift to give.

simple dog portrait
for minimalist themed home

62. Dog Featured Notebook

A journal gift perfect for dog lovers and stationery lovers alike. They will surely love it.

dog notebook
maybe a back to school gift

63. Dog Phone Case

A watercolor-inspired dog phone case that your receiver will surely enjoy and happy to put in their cellphones! Everybody always needs a new phone case; there’s no such thing as too much phone case when it has the face of your pooch. Right?

dog phone case
show off your little pooch

64. Crochet Dog

The cutest handmade crochet dogs stuffed toy. The artist just asked for a photo of every angle of your dog, and then only that she’ll create magic out of the hook and crochet. An amazing gift!

custom crochet dog
Wouldn’t this be such a cute display?

65. Wooden Paw Print Coaster

Function and fun define these coasters! As you know, coasters are essential in keeping your spills when drinking a cold or hot drink in one place and protect your table. This hand-cut wooden coaster is made of  7mm solid Alder is durable and a great piece of art.

wooden paw print coaster
for a dog lover who likes to chill or lounge with a drink

66. Canvas Wall Art

This custom-made canvas wall art with a message will surely brighten an empty wall. Perfect for a gift to a friend who just recently moved into her new home.

67. Glowing Paw Necklace

Your recipient will surely go over the moon when they receive this unique glowing necklace.

glow in the dark paw necklace
glow with happiness

68. Paw Shaped Bamboo Cutting/Serving Board

A fun and functional gift idea for a dog lover friend or family who likes to be in the kitchen. This bamboo board may be used for cutting as it is gentle on knives and easy to clean than plastics; it is also attractive as serving boards because of its paw-shape. Food would indeed look fun and exciting to eat.

paw shaped serving or cutting board
For fun cutting board or serving.

69. Personalized Dog Tag

Keep your anxiety away with this personalized dog collar, specially made for dogs with metal sensitivity and owners who support eco-friendly items because this is made of locally sourced California hardwood.

dog tag
an eco-friendly dog tag

70. “The Dog Sleeps, Here Pillow”

“The dog sleeps here” pillow for their dog’s sleeping place!

statement pillows
because dogs deserve their place too

71. Dog Selfie Blanket

The happy dogs in their best smiles! Aren’t they such a cutie?? get them here!

cute dog selfie blanket
the faces of these dogs are the cutest

72. Dog Mom Zippered Tote Bag

This tote bag is large enough to fit all your things! If you know someone who loves dogs so much, enjoys the gym or has a beach trip coming, then this might be the perfect gift for them! This will go with every outfit and has a lot of compartments too for all their stuff!

zippered tote bag with statement
the tote bag you are looking for

73. Crochet Mug Sweater

A handmade dog designed cup holder. It may serve as a decorative cup cover or to protect hands from a hot and cold drink. Extra fun in drinking beverages.

crochet cup hold dog design
the magic of hook and yarn

74. Oven Mitt

Another style and function in one oven mitt perfect for a fur mom who’s always in the kitchen.

oven mitt pot holder funny dog design
baking in style

75. Splash of Color Dog Portrait

A fun wall art portrait that would bring color to any plain area in a room! A great statement piece that features their best dog.

watercolor dog art portrait
a colorful work of art for the dog that brings color to your life.

76. Tea Gift Set

This tea gift set is for all dog lovers who enjoy tea! These adorable dog designs will make any time of tea time fun and playful.

dog lovers tea gift set
teabags wrapped with dog design

77. Dog Faced Old Fashioned Glass

This dog design is etched by hand so that it does not wear off. A perfect everyday drinking glass to enjoy.

dog faced glass
a better way to surprise a dog dad who likes beer

78. Metal Dog Sign

Put the name and birth year of their dog on a wall with this metal dog bone sign. They have different sizes and colors to choose from.

personalized metal dog sign
name sign for pets

79. Vinyl Stickers

You can get a customized vinyl sticker here!

vinyl stickers
cutest stickers

80. Matchy Infinity Scarf

The perfect gift for dog owners who like to play dress-up together with their dogs. Gift them this matching infinity scarf from Pup & Me Infinity Scarf | Etsy for that picture-perfect, memorable bond they will both comfortably enjoy wearing.

matchy scarf for dog and dog owner
puppy-and-me scarf

81. Fox Costume Neck and Ear Warmer

Every dog owner loves dressing up their dogs. These adorable knit snoods come in a variety of styles fit for every dog.

cute neck and ear warmer
who wouldn’t resist?

82. Organic Pet Shampoo

This is an organic shampoo that naturally deodorizes and is not harsh to the pet’s skin. The best gift to give to a dog owner who has a dog with sensitive skin. They will truly appreciate it.

organic dog shampoo
safe for sensitive pups

83. Personalized Dog Bowl

These personalized custom ceramic bowls  come in different shapes and sizes to fit any sized dog. You can also choose any color you like.

custom dog bowl with name
a gift to enjoy all year round

84. Matching Dog Collar and Owner Bracelet

A friendship dog collar and owner bracelet will look absolutely gorgeous for a dog and dog owner who likes matching outfits.

dog collar and bracelet
a gift they’ll never forget

85. Custom Paw Print Ring

You can have your friend’s dog paw made into a dainty ring she can wear every day. A unique gift that will touch her heart.

dainty paw print ring
a special piece to treasure

86. Starbarks Plush Toy

Does your recipient love Starbucks so much that they drink it all they, every day? then this hilarious gift is for them. You can get it from Pet Supplies : Haute Diggity Dog Starbarks Coffee Collection |

starbarks plush toy
for a dog lover who can’t live without Starbucks!

87. The Dogs We Love Book

This book answers the questions; Why do dogs lay at your feet? Why do they chew your furniture? What’s your dog trying to tell you? What do they like? and much more. Country Living – The Dogs We Love shared insights about dogs’ behavior as well tips and tricks in taking care of them. Every dog owner especially an inexperienced dog owner will love this!

the dogs we love book from country love
why dogs do what they do

88. Corki Wine and Beverage Bottle Stopper

The perfect gift for dog owners who loves wine. You can get it here

corki wine stopper
it’s a “corki”, get it?

89. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Being a dog parent means a lot of fur around the house. This cordless vacuum cleaner will come in handy! A must-have for any dog lovers.

portable vacuum cleaner
a must-have

90. Pet Bed

Ideal for dog owners who have dogs that like to sprawl and snooze the day away. This pet bed compliments design in their home and a comfortable bed for dogs to lay in.

pet bed
for dogs who love sleep

91. Sprayer and Scrubber In One Bathing Tool

This two in one bathing tool lets you brush and wash your pet simultaneously. With this simple tool, you can easily clean your furry buddies and help you save time.

sprayer and scrubber bathing tool
Bathing made easy!

92. Dog Bookmark

This bookmark is made of copper wire shaped into a dog. A perfect gift for someone who loves books and dogs!

wire dog book mark
for a fun reading

93. Custom Dog Magnet

You can just send your friend’s dog picture to the maker, and they can create an adorable magnet with your dog’s face.

dog face magnet
crafted with love

94. Paw Print Earrings

Suitable for everyday wear, made of copper, Brass, rose gold-plated, gold-plated, silver-plated, making this paw earrings sturdy and attractive. It has a minimalist style that fits with any outfit. A perfect gift to be paired with a paw print necklace.

paw print stud earrings
a dainty jewelry

95. My Adorable Dog: A Journal & Keepsake Book

This book keeps track of your friend’s furry buddy. It has a write-in section, places to put photos, their paw print, nose print, and more. The super cute journal book that lets you document your puppy’s little milestone with you.

a journal and keepsake book
a special way to document your dog’s “small wins” every day.

96. Dog Neon Light

The cute home decor brightens up any room in your recipient’s home. This neon led light won’t get too hot and are not fragile, making it perfect for kids. You can get it from Dachshund Dog Neon Light LED Sign Lights for Wall and | Etsy

dog neon light
add some flare to your bedside

97. Pet Grooming Glove

Who wouldn’t want to pet their dog while grooming them? This Grooming Glove helps dog owners clean their dogs quickly, gently, and efficiently.

pet grooming glove
efficient pet hair remover

98. Dog Paper Clips

Made for the organized dog lover who likes to keep things together! You can get it from 25 Count Paper Clips Dachshund Style 2 Shaped Dog Lover | Etsy

cute dog paper clips!
to keep things tidy!

99. Paws on Board Sticker

Let other drivers know you have a precious four-legged fur buddy on board! Perfect for someone who just recently purchased a car or adopted a dog! Get it from book

paws on board
let them know you have fur family member

100. The Art and Sign of Racing In the Rain: A Novel

A story about family, love, loyalty, hope, and loss. Told from the point of view of a dog, this story teaches readers how to be human. This book is a tear-jerker, you will not want to read this in public.

This book is a treasure and worth the read.

a novel: the art and sign of racing in the rain
a story of a relationship between two souls,