12 Corgi Pups Who’ll Surely Melt Your Heart

Everyone knows that a Corgi is sure to steal your heart.  From the Queen of England to your neighbor down the road, they are widely known to be a favorite pet and, as you see below, will surely melt your heart. From their fluffy little bodies to the way they wiggle when they walk, they are a favorite dog worldwide.

Corgi Pups Who’ll Melt Your Heart

The blonde coloring with white underbellies is a signature found in most Corgi’s.  With shorter legs than most, their look is easy to recognize and one that nearly everyone is sure to swoon over.  From the “doge” memes to the constant inclusion in royal photographs, they have become a favorite domestic pet that is beloved by all.

Corgi’s Are Always Alert to What is Around Them

Those cute little noses sniff out something new and their ears are alert to sounds.  Surprisingly for their size, a Corgi can make a nice little watch dog.

Corgi looking into the distance

Pouty Faces Make Corgi’s Even More Precious

Nothing makes you want to cuddle a puppy like a pouty little face and that classic “puppy dog eyes”.  This little guy shows just how much a flop of an ear, a pouty face, and a cute furry little body can show personality.

Corgi with floppy ear

Corgi Puppies Look Sad But Are Truly Happy Inside

That face isn’t sad, it’s just adorable!  Don’t fear, they may have the classic sad eyes but they are full of joy and always happy to see you arrive home.

Corgi standing alone

Catch Them Just Right for a Cute Corgi Smile That Shows Their Tongue

A smiling dog is something that is sure to melt the heart of even the crankiest person in your life.  This little guy sure looks like it is posing for the camera and knows that you are asking for a smile.

Corgi posing for camera

Like All Dogs – Corgi Pups Also Love Time on the Beach to Play

Taking any pet to the beach is fun, but the short little legs of the Corgi just make it both precious and hilarious to watch.  Toss a ball and watch them scamper across the sand in happiness.

Corgi on beach

Since They Are So Small Corgis Are Easy To Cuddle

Because they are a smaller dog, it makes it easy for them to fit into any family.  Small enough for kids and easy for anyone to cuddle, they are a great pet for those who prefer smaller animals.

Woman holding Corgi

They Even Love Playing Dress Up for Christmas

Like many smaller dogs, the Corgi is easy to dress up for holidays or just because.  Their smaller size makes it easy to find hundreds of cute outfits to add to their wardrobe.

Christmas Corgi's

This Corgi Pup Loves Exploring the Grass and Outdoors

A little fresh grass and dirt on their paws are sure to bring a smile to their faces!

Corgi raising a paw

Watching A Corgi Run Will Always Bring a Smile and Laughter

Nothing beats the energy you find in this little ball of fluff.  They run, play, and chase with a precious fierceness you will come to love.

Corgi running

Nothing Makes a Corgi Pup Happier Than Their Favorite Toy

Give them a toy and they are happy for hours.  There is nothing a pupper likes more than their favorite ball!

Corgi with ball

They Get Along Well With Other Animals

Corgi pups are notoriously good with other animals, especially other small dogs and cats.  Just check out how cute this dog is with a kitten.

Corgi with cat

Corgi’s Have Big Floppy Ears That Show Their Emotions

Whether the ears are standing up, flopping down, or blowing in the breeze, they change the look of the dog in seconds!

Corgi with floppy ear