14 Super Tips For Choosing A Poodle Puppy

The poodle is a smart, small-sized dog that can come in shades of solid colors, which include; white, black, gray, and apricot. It is actually thought of as being one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs. The Poodle is originally from Germany, it was a water retriever. This is where the poodles are a well-known “poodle clip” originated. The Poodles were given this fur style because it made them move through the water faster than having all of their fur on them. The reason the fur was left on to certain parts of their body was to protect those parts from the cold water.
The Poodle actually comes in a variety of sizes; the most popular Poodle is the Miniature Poodles. The Miniature Poodle is especially popular with people that live in small homes or apartments, or people that are looking for a lap dog that they can take everywhere with them.

One reason the Poodle is popular with some people is that it has a hypoallergenic coat which greatly reduces allergic reactions from those that are allergic to dogs. This makes it an obvious choice for a dog lover that has dog allergies.

The Poodle is a very active dog, it should be exercised daily. The good thing with the smaller sizes of Poodles is that you can give them a lot of exercise in a very small space. If you are unable to go on daily walks with them due to the weather, or for other reasons, you can throw their toys in the house and have them get their exercise chasing the toys.

If you have children you will want to keep a close eye on your child around any size of Poodle. But, you will want to make sure that your child doesn’t play rough with the smaller-sized Poodles, it can be very easy for a child to injure the dog, or possibly kill it. If your child does hurt the Poodle, it is likely that the Poodle will bite your child. Poodles can be quite nippy by nature and you will want to teach your child early on about not roughhousing with the dog or putting the child’s face by the Poodles face.

The Poodle should be kept as an indoor dog. The Poodle is definitely not a breed of dog that you can get and put out into the yard with a doghouse and expect them to be happy and healthy. If you are looking for an outdoor dog, you should check out other breeds and steer away from the Poodle breed.

#1 You should choose the most mobile puppy.
red Poodle Puppy lying on the green grass
#2 The smallest in the litter may be the weakest.
Poodle Puppy lying on the couch leaning on the pillow
#3 The skin of the puppy should be without redness and other uncharacteristic phenomena.?
two apricot Poodle Puppies lying on the floor
#4 Poodles are terribly curious, cannot stand loneliness, and adore children.
cream Poodle Puppy sitting on the carpet with its chew toy in front of him
#5 The puppy must be taken at the age of two months.?
black and white Poodle Puppies eating together from a large bowl
#6 The coat should be thick and dense.
red Poodle Puppy lying on top of a blue chair outdoors
#7 The spine must be strong and dry, and the muscles are clearly defined.
black and white photo of a Poodle Puppy lying on the feathery blanket while biting the hand of a woman
#8 You should not take a puppy whose ears are set too high.
Poodle Puppy sitting on the white blanket while staring down at the sunflower below him
#9 Watch your puppy’s parents.
two brown Poodle Puppy sharing a bowl
#10 In addition to external data, you should pay attention to the nature of the puppy.
cream Poodle Puppy lying on the green grass
#11 In terms of care, small poodle breeds are more comfortable.
adorable face of a red Poodle Puppy
#12 The kid should not be too thin.
cream Poodle Puppy lying on the bed next to big artificial flowers and a white curtain
#13 The teeth should be white and sharp.
brown Poodle Puppy wearing a blue sweater while lying on its bed
#14 Tights should be neatly trimmed, even.

brown Poodle Puppy looking up with its adorable face