15 Photos That Tell What It Feels Like To Live With Pugs

A round head, a square physique, and a twisted tail – this is what a pug looks like. But, wherever he is, his wrinkled face and cheerful nature enchant people on the spot. He perfectly finds mutual understanding with other dogs, cats, as well as with children. A pug will fit perfectly into your family and, in a short period, will become an integral part of it. But if you’re still not sure, here are 15 photos that tell what it feels like to live with pugs.

#1 Pugs are extremely motivated by food.
A Pug sitting on the wooden floor next to a spilled popcorn from a paper bag
#2 They want to be with you. ALL THE TIME.
a man and a woman sitting by the seashore with their Pug in between them
#3 It’s impossible to hide from them.
A Pug on the chair peeking behind the table
#4 They like dirt.
A man holding a Pug with dirt in its tummy
#5 They love morning coffee in bed.
A Pug sitting on the bed next to a cup of coffee
#6 Watch out for weight loss issues and obesity.
A begging Pug behind the table with its food in a bowl in front of him
#7 Pugs are pretty go-with-the-flow.
A Pug lying inside the washing machine
#8 You may encounter people who think your adorable pug is UGLY.
A Pug lying on the bed with a ball along with its stuffed toys
#9 They cannot live without you.
face of a Pug on the screen of the phone having a video call with a woman
#10 Fighting aganst sleep and losing the battle.
A Pug lying down on the bed
#11 Pug gas, Pug farts… Pug flatulence – to be technical – is very common with this dog breed.
A Pug lying in a cabinet along with things
#12 A Pug is your Shadow, and they have no clue about the concept of ‘Personal Space’.
A Pug sitting on top of the chest of a woman lying on the bed
#13 Pugs can be picky eaters.
A Pug sitting on the floor with its begging face
#14 Pugs are known for being yappy and snappy.
A Pug sitting on the back of the woman lying on a foam in the yard
#15 And once again, they VERY love sweet.

A Pug sitting in a push cart at the grocery store