25 Cutest Dog Accessories You Can Get on Etsy

Let us help you make your dog the most talked about in your neighborhood with this 25 list of dog accessories you can easily find on Etsy, the online marketplace where people buy and sell handmade things they love!

1.Dog Bandana – Neutral Colored Rainbow

earth colored dog banda
perfect for a spring outfit

These bandanas are custom triangle-shaped made with organic cotton and eco-friendly inks that are safe for the environment and, at the same time, will look flattering on your dog.

Get it on Etsy: Dog bandana

2. Rose Flower Attachment

Rose Flower Collar Attachment
the cutest attachment for your fabulous dog.

A mini rose for your dog’s collar to add a little fancy to your dog’s look. This attachment has various colors to choose from, including red, orange, violet, and pink.

Get it on Etsy: Rose Flower Attachment

3. Custom ID Tags

custom metal dog tag
for your precious dog

This custom made ID tags for your four-legged buddy is a hand-stamped solid brass and comes with a split ring to easily attach to your pet’s collar. Aside from your dog’s name, you may also put your information such as your phone number or your name on its back.

Get it on Etsy: Custom Dog ID Tags

4.Tie-Neck Collar

dog neck tie collar
for your fashionable dog

This Tie Neck collar would look very chic on your dog. It is made of Imitated Silk, it comes in 24 patterns, and it is made adjustable too!

Get it on Etsy: Tie-Neck Collar

5.Rainbow Design Dog Harness

rainbow design dog harness
for the dog who brings your life colors!

This dog harness is designed with colorful rainbows. It is also adjustable and padded with bamboo wadding, making the harness soft and comfortable for puppers.
You may also put your dog’s name on top to make it unique. It comes in different sizes, and just in case your pup does not fit in any sizes they have, you can request a customized particular size for your dog.

Get it on Etsy: Rainbow Design Dog Harness

6.Waterproof Cute Bootie

dog bootie
for clean paws and clean home!

This bootie won’t only look crazily cute on your dog, but it will also keep your dog’s feet clean and your house clean. Perfect when walking your dog outside during the winter or rainy season.

Get it on Etsy: Waterproof Cute Booties

7. Fruity Color Winter Clothes

winter cloth for dogs
because pups need warmth too!

Keep your dog warm and cozy during the cold season in this stylish and cute pet fruity colored costume designed clothe made with soft, high-quality coral fleece fabric, keep your pet comfy and warm.

Get it on Etsy: Fruity Color Winter Clothes

8. Japanese Flower Pattern Dog Collar

flower pattern dog collar
prettiest dog collar

This flower pattern dog collar will look chic and feminine to your girl dog. This is made using heavy-duty nylon webbing for durability and welded D-rings, premium side release buckles making it easy and comfortable to wear.

Get it on Etsy: Japanese Flower Pattern Dog Collar

9. Sunglasses For Dogs

dog sunglasses
for your fashionable dog!

A cute pair of sunglasses for your dog who likes photo shoots and being stylish. It comes in different that fits any dog,

Get it on Etsy: Sunglasses For Dogs

10. Baby Pink Dog Collar with Colorful Flowers

Baby pink dog collar with colorful flowers
for your flower girl dog!

The perfect spring look for your dog. It comes in different sizes and collar colors for your small furry companions.

Get it on Etsy: Baby Pink Dog Collar with Colorful Flowers

11. Floral Printed Dog tag

Floral Design ID Tag
the cutest dog tag!

This beautiful Dog ID tag will look cute on your girl dog. It comes in two shapes; bone and circle, two sizes, medium or large, and you may choose from various fonts to use for the information you want to be printed. The best thing about this tag is that the design and Infos are printed on both sides.

Get it on Etsy: Floral Printed Dog tag

12. Tartan Print Dog Bow Tie

Dog Bow Tie
For your boy dog to love!

A Tartan printed dog bow tie you can slip over the collar of your boy dog for added style. It comes in three color choices; red, blue, and white, and sizes are; S/M 4” X 2” M/L 5” X 2.5”.

Get it on Etsy: Tartan Print Dog Bow Tie

13. Pink Palms Bandana

Dog bandana
because dogs need to be in trend too!

Let your dog go with the trend with this pink palms bandana for your girl/boy dog. This is very sustainable, too, as if it is made of organic cotton and eco-friendly inks. They have different sizes to fit every dog’s neck size.

Get it on Etsy: Pink Palms Bandana

14. Paracord Multi-Color Dog Leash

multi colored leash
looks like candies!

This Paracord Multi-Color Dog Leash is made of Paracord Multi-Color Dog Leash that doesn’t absorb water and non-toxic to keep your dog safe. You may also customize its color according to your liking.

Get it on Etsy: Paracord Multi-Color Dog Leash

15. Pastel Color Cotton Rope Dog Leash

cotton rope dog leash
pastel colored for your favorite dog!

Made of 100% cotton, handcrafted, and hand-dyed, making it a unique Cotton Rope Dog Leash. You may choose from a different variety of colors. It comes with an o-ring to attached any dog accessories. That small treat bag is a freebie from the shop!

Get it on Etsy: Pastel Color Cotton Rope Dog Leash

16. Dog Flower Head Band/Collar

flower headband/collar
for your stylish dog.

Looking for something to accessorize your dog on an upcoming wedding day? Then this might be the perfect addition to your dog’s outfit! It can be worn as a headband or a collar! It is crocheted, making it lightweight and simple.

Get it on Etsy: Dog Flower Head Band/Collar.

17. Dog Treat Bag with Poo Bag Dispenser

bag treat/poo dispenser
The dual-purpose bag for your dog

Being a dog owner comes with responsibility, including cleaning up your dog’s poops whenever you go for a walk. This hand portable bag is designed to hold a roll of poo bags in the bottom compartment & dog treats /door keys/ hand gel in the top. It has a Velcro opening for quick & easy access to treats.. Made of woodland-themed print fabric, making it durable and cute to bring along.

Get it on Etsy: Dog Treat Bag with Poo Bag Dispenser

18. ’Kori’ Floral Pet Neckerchief

green dog neckerchief
adds style to your dog!

This kori floral printed pet neckerchief will definitely make your dog look fashionable! It comes in different sizes from XXS-XL to fit any dog.

Get it on Etsy: ‘Kori’ Floral Pet Neckerchief

19. Personalized Medal Necklace in Faux Leather Version

faux leather medal necklace
ideal for small dogs and long-haired dogs

This collar will look simple and cute with any dog. It is Adjustable, too, with its knots for owners who aren’t sure of their dog’s size. The rope comes in different colors. The personalized medal has camel or brown colored leather for a boho and trendy look!

Get it on Etsy: Personalized Medal Necklace in Faux Leather Version

20. Parisian Dog Collar with Flower

parisian dog collar
The dog collar for your glamorous dog!

If you love dressing up your dog in a glam look, then this is for you! The custom red floral dog collar is embellished further with one 4.5″ red and white polka dot flower front and center and attached in a striped collar made of quality fabric and interfacing to create a durable and fashionable dog collar.

Get it on Etsy: Parisian Dog Collar with Flower

21. Nylon Dog Collar

nylon dog collar
beautiful colors!

The ideal dog collar for dog owners who don’t like the jingling tags. The information is engraved in a buckle, and the nylon is made of heavyweight nylon webbings. You may choose from 20 colors according to your liking! It also has a variety of sizes, from extra small to extra large.

Get it on Etsy: Nylon Dog Collar

22. Pink Brush Spot Dog Collar

dog collar
level up pulka dots

This Pink Brush Spot Dog Collar is made of sturdy polypropylene webbing that does not absorb water making it mildew resistant, so it will smell-less, covered with your chosen fabric color, and finished with your desired hardware color. It comes in different sizes from extra-small to large.

Get it on Etsy: Pink Brush Spot Dog Collar

23. Furberry Fleece Dog Snood/Neck Warmer

fleece dog snood
cozy and comfy!

Warm your dog during the cold season with this Furberry Fleece Dog Snood/Neck Warmer. This will keep your dog warm in a stylish way! This snood is made from anti-pill fleece and is double-sided. Designed to fit slip over your dog’s head.

Get it on Etsy: Furberry Fleece Dog Snood/Neck Warmer

24. Macrame Leash

macrame leash
be stylish while walking your dog.

This macrame leash comes with three available color combinations and two different knot styles. It also has a leather handle with brass hardware, and a tassel make this leash not only durable but stylish!

Get it on Etsy: Macrame Leash

25. Leopard Print Collar

leopard print dog collar
for your fabulous dog!

The dog collar that screams “roar” perfect for your little pup with a big personality!

Get it on Etsy: Leopard Print Collar

With these cute dog accessories, not only will you be in love all over again with your dog but the people you come across too!