5 Tips to Reduce Gas in Dogs

Intestinal gas is a natural part of a dog’s digestive system, and when it comes to passing that natural gas, dogs don’t try to hold it nor hide it. Owners of small dogs may find the occasional gassy emissions relatively insignificant, but owners of large breed dogs find the gas odors very significant and would like to know how to reduce their dog’s flatulence.

1. Watch The Dog’s Diet

While gas is a normal byproduct of digestion, an overly gassy dog may need to have a diet adjustment. Watch the amount of food the dog eats at regular meals and the in-between meal snacks. Overeating (which clogs up the digestive system and produces more gas) or the type of dog food or snacks given may be the culprit that is creating the flatulence. Feed the dog slightly less and/or change the type of dog food and see if that reduces the gas.

2.Fast Eating + Short Faces = More Gas

Fast eating dogs that wolf down their food also swallow a lot of air, that swallowed air will come out the other end of the dog. Fast eaters also have the tendency to overeat, and as stated before, overeating clogs up the digestive system. Swallowed air and clogged pipes equal some foul-smelling gas emissions.

Dogs with short faces, like bulldogs and pugs, always swallow a lot of excess air when eating. Specially made dog food bowls for dogs with short faces and/or fast eating dogs will slow the food intake (as well as the air intake) down considerably. Food puzzles designed as a part toy, part food holder provides the dog with exercise and forces them to eat slowly because the dog will have to work to get at the food inside the food puzzle.

3.More Exercise, Less Dog Gas

Exercise keeps things moving along in the dog’s digestive system and aids in elimination. More exercise, especially walking, will reduce gas by increasing the number of times the dog eliminates during the day.

4.Dog Supplements

Various dietary supplements given to dogs can and do increase the amount of gas that dogs experience and share with their owners. Adding a probiotic supplement or peppermint leaves to the dog’s regimen can help reduce the dog gas. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that will aid in the dog’s digestion. Other anti-gas dog supplements are available, like CurTail, that will aid in the break down of food and reduce dog gas.

5.When Dog Gas Is Extreme

Extremely foul smelling and persistent dog gas can indicate an underlying health issue that needs to be addressed. When the dog gas is beyond normal, it’s time to see a veterinarian for a dog checkup.

Putting up with a certain amount of dog gas is part of being a dog owner. Getting to the root of the toot and reducing the dog gas to an acceptable limit by increasing exercise, decreasing or changing food and snacks, adding a supplement and seeking veterinarian assistance is part of being a responsible dog owner.