50 DIY Dog Crates That Are Decorative and Comfortable

While dogs have always been there to brighten our day and fill our hearts with infinite joy, and as much as we want to spoil them and give them the cozy place to rest, let’s face it -our budgets can’t.

That is why we listed 50 DIY Dog Crates Ideas and Tutorials that you can make yourself instead of buying from stores that cost absurdly expensive.

These dog crates design provides a perfect blend of functionality and style that adds accent to any room in your home! You can finally keep your dogs insight without compromising your home’s interior design.

1.Dog Cabinet and Lounge

cabinet dog crate
old cabinet turned into a dog crate

This idea is excellent for keeping your dog’s things organized and kept together. If you have an old cabinet, may it be a side table or a nightstand, that may be very useful for this DIY project!

Momma told me shows how she turned a simple cabinet into a beautiful dog lounge! Check it out here DIY Teal Dog Cabinet.

2.Dog Crate Night Stand

DIY nedside dog crate table
a nightstand dog crate for your little dogs

Looking for a cute space to house your small dogs with a drawer to store your things? Then this DIY project from DIY Dog Crate Nightstands is for you! She created a nightstand with drawers and a bed for your four-legged buddies.

3.Repurposed Crib into Dog Crate

DIY dog crate from crib
crib makeover into a dog crate

If you couldn’t afford a large dog crate for your big dogs and you have an old crib in your house, you may opt to upcycle it into a dog crate! Upcycle is always a great idea! Repurposed Crib Dog Crate has all the details on how they made it.

4. Modern Dog Crate with Sliding Door

DIY sliding dog crate
happy to be in my new space!

Build your dog her own little hangout space that’s cozier and also a little more stylish to put in your living room.

You can create it with the help of this tutorial from Dog Crate with Sliding Door.

5. Dog Crate End Table

DIY end table dog crate
dual-purpose end table

This spacious and comfy dog crate is perfect for your small pup. Learn how to build one here -onerojectcloser

6. Dog Crate Long Table

DIY long table dog crate check the video tutorial on how to make it

The very spacious long table dog crate can house your big fur companions and at the same time provides you space to put your things!

Making a Dog Crate Table is a video tutorial on how to make it! just add paint with your favorite color and put it inside your home.

7. Dog Crate Large Table

functional dog crate table
a large-sized table dog crate

Another long table that you can put in your living room so that you can still see your dog in sight while lounging on your sofa.Dog Crate Sofa Table – YouTube

8. Triple Dog Kennel with Movable Dividers

DIY triple dog kennel
triple dog kennel video tutorial

You can make this project for your dogs with the help of this video tutorialHow I made a Triple Dog Kennel

9.Small Night Stand Dog Crate

night stand bed side table dog crate
for an additional style on your bedside or living room!

This nightstand/ end table design is pretty slick and great for adding some style and storage to your bedroom! DIY Dog Crate End Table shared how she came up with the idea and how she did it!

10. Dog Crate Console

DIY dog crate console
a multipurpose dog crate! must have!

This dog crate looks like a piece of decorative furniture in your house but can house two dogs.
The best thing about this is that it has a drawer for your dog’s food. Here’s a guide on how to build it! DIY Dog Crate Console

11. Double Dog Crate Build Plans

DIY dog crate build plans
can fit 2 big dogs!

Use these Plans to build your own Wooden Double Dog Kennel has all the plans for a medium-sized dog kennel that you can easily follow!

12.Large Dog Crate with Side Doors Build Plans

DIY dog crates with side doors
large dog crate for your big boy!

A beautiful and cozy home for your big furry companion! With the help of this detailed plan from Large Dog Crate Plans Side you will find it fun and easy to make, even with a little building experience.

13.Large Dog Crate Countertop Build Plans

DIY countertop dog crate
countertop height dog crate.

A creative, useful dog crate to add to your home with a countertop height. Perfect for large breed dogs such as golden retrievers, labradors, and german shepherds. You can find the detailed plan here: Large Dog Crate Plans Countertop Height

14. Pine Wood Dog Crate Coffee Table

DIY wood coffee table
coffee table dog crate for you small pups!

Don’t be intimidated by the looks of it, you can have a piece of nice furniture dog crate that you can make yourself with the help of  Crate Coffee Table

16. Dog Crate Furniture with Storage Plans

dog crate with organizers
a functional dog crate!

A multipurpose dog crate perfect for small homes with big dogs if you want to maximize and organize your things! It has a tabletop to put your things or decorations and a compartment to store your valuables. BUILD PLANS for Dog Kennel with Shelves DIY Dog Crate

17. Chic Furniture Dog Crate

DIY dog crate
define clean and simple!

This dog crate furniture is aesthetically pleasing! DIY Dog Crate will help you figure out how to do it!

18.Single Dog Den with Sliding Barn Doors

dog crate bran sliding door
barn sliding door for that clean look

This dog crate is a stylish addition to your home. Learn how to get one here: Single Dog Den w/Sliding Barn Doors

19. Hidden Crate Under An End Table

DIY hidden dog crate
a clever way to hide your dog crate in your living room! looks very classy too!

A crate disguised as an end table. Cool, right? This end table was custom build to match perfectly in the dog’s crate! The outcome came out so nice and stylish, wouldn’t you agree?

Read  Dallas Dog Photographer to more know more about how she achieved the look!

20.Front Door Dog Crate Furniture Idea

DIY front door dog crate
perfect space for your dog to guard!

Another piece of furniture that can accommodate your furry friend and helps you, welcome visitors!
Chalkboard dog crate

21. Metal Dog Crate Makeover

DIY Beautify Dog Crate
a comfortable and beautiful place for your fur baby

This dog crate is very simple to build! Go read the full tutorial and turn your dog’s metal crate into a beautiful table dog crate! DIY Dog Crate Hack

22. Built-in Bookshelf Dog Crate Idea

DIY built in bookshelf dog crate
a built-in dog crate for your pup

A bookshelf is also a great idea to house your little pup. DIY project from Built-in Bookshelf Dog Crate

23. Doggie Den Dog Kennel Furniture Idea

DIY dog kennel idea
so that dog buddy can also enjoy resting in the living room.

This big dog looks perfectly comfortable inside that dog kennel piece of furniture under the tv! Perfect for your busy dog who likes to know everything and observe!

24. Kitchen Cabinet Dog Crate Idea

Built in Kitchen dog crate
because pups love to watch you cook!

We know you value every space in your kitchen but if you have spare space, a dog crate is a good idea. Betsy Bassett Interiors

25.Wooden White Dog Crate Idea

White dog crate
Perfect for your beach themed home!

Here is a cleaner and beach house kind of vibe dog crate! Boomer & George Double Door Pet Crate

26. Rustic Style End Table Dog Crate Idea

Rustic dog crate diy
unique design end table

Rustic and unique design: Get it from Amazon.

27. Slide Aside Furniture Dog Crate Idea

DIY white dog crate
very simple end table dog crate

Simple and clean design for your dog to comfortably rest. More info Single Door Furniture Style Dog Crate & End Table

28.Entry Way Dog Crate Idea

DIY entry way dog crate idea
for an added furniture design to your home

There’s no better way than putting your dog close to your doors to welcome your visitors.

29. Classic Black Dog Crate Idea

Back diy dog crate
a classic dog crate for that modern look living room

Dog crate serving you clean black features that are perfect in any corner of your home. B&B Kustom Kennels

30. Dog Crate Accent Table Idea

cute end table dog crate

A neutral color to love for that chic look, cool & simple dog crate end table Pet Goetz Wood and Wire Design Medium Pet Crate

31. Simple Single Door Furniture Dog Crate Idea

singe door dog crate idea
cute space for your dog

An elegant and functional dog crate that has a tabletop to put your books or decorations. Single Door Furniture Style Dog Crate

32. Double Door Dog Crate TV Stand

tv stand dog crate idea

Another clever and smart way to use dog crates especially when you have a small home and you want to maximize your space! Dog crate used as a TV stand – Decoist

33.Laundry Room Dog Crate

laundy room dog crate idea
make laundry day more fun with your fur company

Let’s take a look at My Laundry Room Tour | Lavin Label blog why her built-in Dog Crate came in handy!

34. Adorable End Table Dog Crate Idea

yellow dog crate idea
pop of color in any room

The color of this dog crate adds a fresh vibe to any room in your home! Nightstand Dog Crate – Ideas on Foter

35.Modern Side Table Dog Crate

metal dog crate idea
what’s cooking?

This Dog crate blends beautifully in any home. Perfect for your small pups. Nightstand Dog Crate – Ideas on Foter

36. Solid Wooded Dog Crate

comfortable dog crate idea
a comfortable spacious dog crate

This dog here looks very comfortable inside his Dog Crate. Nightstand Dog Crate

37.Corner Dog Kennel Idea

blue corner dog crate idea
for your pup who loves to be the center of attention

The smart way to maximize your space! It also makes your dog the center of attraction (which, by the way, they love so much) Get it on Corner Door Kennel

38. L-Shaped Kennel Idea

L shaped dog crates idea
looks spacious too!

Here’s another creative way to house your dog if you have a small space! Custom Corner L-Shaped Kennel with Barn doors

39. Corner Dog Crate for 2 Dogs Idea

DIT corner crates for two dogs!
you won’t even notice its a dog crate

A corner dog crate that’s spacious enough to accommodate two german shepherds! This crate blended well as a piece of furniture; you won’t even notice it houses two big dogs. Dog Crate – RYOBI Nation Projects

40. Single Door Dog Crate Idea

singe door dog crate idea
a sturdy and comfortable dog crate (just add dog bed!)

Perfect accent in any room in your home. Single door dog crate dog furniture

Comfy and Modern Dog Crate

minimalist dog crate idea
wood design dog crate

A combination of style and function perfect add-on decor to any room in your room! The cutest dog crate for your furry companion. Rectangular Wooden Furniture Pet House

42. Farmhouse Style

black and wood style dogcrate idea
modern wood and black style dog crate

Learn more here Farmhouse Style indoor Custom Dog Kennel

43. Industrial Style Dog Crate

industrial dog crate idea
a very manly style for your dog’s home

If you are into industrial, steel, rustic style and you want the same for your dog too, then this is for you! Rustic Industrial Dog Kennel Dog Crate Riveted Steel Dog

44. Open Dog Crate End Table

dog crate end table
open dog crate

Dog Crate Tables – Ideas on Foter

45. Beautiful Dog Crate

beautiful dog crate
an extraordinary dog crate that your dog will love!

Dog kennel Small modern indoor dog house. Dog furniture dog

46. Victorian Style Dog Crate

The most elegant dog crane you will see here!

victorian style dog crate
a dog crate tv stand

Get it here Victorian style Dog kennel

47. Silver Finish Dog Crate

silver finished dog crate idea
you will never go wrong with a silver finished dog crate

Archie & Oscar™ Ginny Pet Crate & Reviews | Wayfair

48. Triple Door End Table Dog Crate

triple door end table dog Crate
an elegant table dog crate!

It has a triple door for a comfortable space for your dog to lounge. Super functional! Triple Door End Table Dog Crate

49. Coffee Table Dog Crate

black and white coffee table dog crate

Free plans here: Dog Kennel Coffee Table

50. Neutral Dog Crate

Grey dog crate
neutral chic dog crate

Check out her style here Styling a Transitional Living Room