50 DIY Dog Toys You Can Do In No Time {With Tutorials}

Toys are necessary for keeping your dogs entertained, busy, and out of trouble. But if your dog can destroy a brand new toy in less than 10 mins, you can definitely make a DIY Dog Toy in No time that lasts longer than expensive toys from stores.

If you are looking for a quick, easy to make, fun, and safe DIY Dog toy ideas, then check this out:

Tennis Ball Tug Toy

tennis ball tug toy
a recycles tennis ball tug toy to enjoy

Making this toy for your dog is very easy, and no sewing at all! All you’ll need are an old t-shirt that you don’t need anymore hat you don’t mind cutting,  a tennis ball, a pair of scissors and follow DIY Dog Toy – Your Dog Will Love This Easy to Make Tug Toy – YesMissy easy instructions.

T-shirt-Wrapped Water Bottle

t-shirt lapped water bottle dog toy
crinkly dog toy to enjoy

This toy is a perfect toy gift for pups who like a crinkly sound. It’s very quick and easy to make with the help of Birthday Week: DIY Dog Toys | Ammo the Dachshund

Braided T-Shirt Tug Toy

braided tshirt dog tug toy
a recycled T-shirt tug toy

This DIY toy comes in handy during a tug-of-war battle between you and your dog or leaves it for them to chew instead of wandering around making trouble.

It’s simple and fun to make with DIY: How to Make a T-Shirt Dog Toy (barkpost.com)

Indestructible Rope with Sweet Dried Potato Dog Toy

rope with sweet potato dog toy
a sweet treat toy for your pup

This “Indestructible” Dog Toy: 4 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables toy is incredibly genius and worked well with Molly (their dog), it’s something she could play with that lasts for more than an hour. This idea may work with your dog too!

Hand Tied Rope Toy for Heavy Chewer Dogs 

heavy duty rope dog tug
for your heavy chewer dog

Are you looking for a toy for your heavy chewer dog? Then Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers: 25 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables is for you!

Tasty PVC Toy Treat 

DIY PVC dog toy
PVD with tasty peanut butter to enjoy!

All you need to do is get a PVC, drill some holes, and put some peanut butter so your pup can enjoy licking the peanut butter out and uses their brain in the process.  For a more detailed tutorial, check out New Leaf Nickie: DIY Dog Toy

Launchable Dog Slingshot Ball 

DIY launchable dog toy
creative dog toy

This is for pups who love to play fetch! Can easily be launched over 300 feet.

Launchable Dog Slingshot Ball : 3 Steps – Instructables will help you do it!

Snake Dog Toy

DIY snake dog toy
snake dog toy for playtime

A fun DIY snake toy that only needs a cotton stuffing, old socks, a little sewing skill, and scissors! Birthday Week: DIY Snake Dog Toy | Ammo the Dachshund has all the easy instructions to follow.

Rope Ball Surprise Dog Toy

DIY rope ball dog toy
a surprise dog toy for more fun

The Rope Ball Surprise Dog Toy (handsoccupied.com) is fun to make and the surprise inside is a treat for your dog to enjoy!

Chew Toy from Socks

DIY chew toy from old socks
a creative way to recycle your socks

The perfect chew toy for owners who don’t want complicated DIY Dog toys.

Chew Toy From Socks :D: 5 Steps – Instructables is absolutely for you!

Ring Rope Dog Toy

DIY ring rope dog toy
for your heavy chewing 4 legged buddies!

A two-tone ring dog toy for your heavy chewing dog! RING DOG TOY (with Pictures) – Instructables has the detailed instruction for you.

Explosion Rope Ball

rope ball with legs
a fun ball toy for your pups

This dog toy has little “legs” that makes it really fun to make!

Rope Dog Toy – Instructables

Cool Rug from Old T-shirts

DIY old t-shirt rug dog toy/bed
DIY rug for your dog to sleep to or chew

Make a Braided T-shirt Rug: 5 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Is the perfect rug for your dog to play with or sleep in.

 Fox Tale Dog Toy

DIY fox tale dog toy
fox tail dog toy for your buddy

A simple way to reuse some old tennis ball, scrap fabric, and basic sewing skill. Homemade Foxtail-type Toy : 5 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Braided Y-Shaped Denim Tug Toy

DIY braided denim dog toy
Recycled denim dog toy

Make this easy and fun to make dog toy that your dog will surely enjoy!
22 DIY Denim Dog Toys – Recycled From Old Jeans! – Sew Historically

Tennis Ball Treat Surprise

DIY tennis ball dog toy
treats inside a tennis ball is a good idea!

This tennis ball is a great idea to keep your dog busy.  DIY Dog Projects – ROMP Italian Greyhound Rescue Chicago (romprescue.com)  will show you in detail how you can easily make it.

Dog Toy with a Few Scraps of Fleece

DIY Dog toy from scraps of fleece
Recycled fleece straps dog toy

Here’s another creative dog toy you can make for your pup to drool over. This link has a video that will help you.

Make this cute DIY dog toy with a few scraps of fleece (VIDEO) – SheKnows

Doughnut Sock

DIY donut from socks
recycled socks for dog toys!

If you have socks that you don’t use anymore because it has a hole, don’t throw them away! Instead, make this simple and quick dog toy with the help of petguide.com in the link below.

DIY Doughnut Sock Toy for Dogs – PetGuide

Snuffle Mat

DIY snuffle Mat
mat to sniff around

Get your dog busy and their brain working in this easy to make DIY Snuffle Mat! It consists of fleece fabric tied onto a sturdy backing. To make it more exciting for your dog, you can hide dog treats inside it. Surely your pup will enjoy it.  DIY Snuffle Mat: An Interactive Dog Toy That Busts Doggy Boredom (prouddogmom.com)

Woven Rope Bone Dog Toy

DIY woven rope dog toy
exciting rope dog toy

Instead of buying an expensive knot dog toy for your dog, you can actually make a cheap and even better one with the help of How to Make a Woven Rope Bone Dog Toy: 8 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Snuffle Ball Toy

DIY snuffle ball dog toy
ball toy to sniff!

If you are looking for a safe and simple snuffle dog ball that they will absolutely love, this link is very simple and fun to follow
DIY Snuffle Ball for Dogs You Can Make – Other People’s Pets (other-peoples-pets.com)

Square Knot Fleece Loop Dog Tug Toy

DIY loop fleece dog toy
loop dog toy to play with

Here’s a simple variation of turning a basic square knot tug toy into a loop and tail tug toy. DIY Square Knot Fleece Loop Dog Tug Toy – Dalmatian DIY has a step by step photos and instructions on how to do it!

Tennis Ball Rope Toy

tennis ball tug dog toy
a recycled tennis ball tug toy to enjoy

Your dog will definitely love chewing this. How to Make Your Pooch a DIY Rope Toy – Craft projects for every fan! (ideas2live4.com) has an easy tutorial on how to make one!

No-Sew Denim Dog Toy

DIY denim dog toy
old denim made useful!

Got some old denim jeans you don’t use anymore? Make it into a cool and sturdy dog toy with the help of Denim Dog Toy: 7 Steps – Instructables

Fleece Dog Toy for Light Chewers

DIY puff dog toy
puff dog toy to chew

You won’t have to spend much on a dog toy because {Dog-Gone #2} Fleece Puff Dog Toy | Crafted Niche – a lifestyle blog that shares DIY crafts, recipes, and tutorials (archive.org) instructions is to follow and the materials are cheap and easy to find.

Infinity Loop Dog Toy Tug Toy

DIY double loop tug toy
double loop tug toy for double fun!

Double the loops for double fun for your pups! Create this awesome idea with DIY Double (Infinity) Loop Dog Tug Toy – Dalmatian DIY

Dog Boredom Buster

DIY dog paper and treats
solution for boredom!

This interactive dog toy is the solution for you bored dogs who are tired with their usual playmates! This keeps your dog’s mind busy and distracted.
All you need to do is follow this super easy instruction at DIY Dog Boredom Buster | Interactive Dog Toy – DOGUE

Water Bottle Bone Dog Toy

DIY cute bone botte dog toy
cute plastic bottle bone!

If your dog loves chewing a water bottle because of its crinkly sound, you can make it more fun and creative with this simple project. Learn how to make it at DIY Homemade Water Bottle Dog Toy Tutorial (andreasnotebook.com)

Fabric Stuffed Puzzle Toy

DIY fabric stuffed puzzle toy
smart fabric stuffed dog toy

If your dog is very talented at disemboweling his stuffed toys, then this project is for you! Your dog can still enjoy his usual activity (tearing out the stuffed toy) but with less mess and easy to clean up.
This blog will tell you how to do it. Leopold’s Crate: Fun activity for dogs who like to “disembowel” their stuffed animal toys. (leopolds-crate.blogspot.com)

Water Bottle Crunch Toy

DIY bottle plastic crunch toy
who wouldn’t love this cute crunchy toy

This is perfect for dogs who are crazy for noise, the combination of plastic and treats is unbeatable! Find out how to do it here! Easy DIY Dog Toy: The Water Bottle Crunch | The Dog People by Rover.com

No-Sew Heart Dog Toy

DIY heart dog toy
for soft chewer pup

This cute project is for your soft chewing pup. They can also use it as their pillow! Enjoy this easy tutorial from Pretty Fluffy

Monkey Fist Dog Toy

DIY monkey fist toy
for strong dogs

If your dog has a powerful jaw, then you’ll love making this monkey fist dog toy! DIY Monkey Fist Dog Toy – How to Make a Rope Ball Dog Toy – PatchPuppy.com will show you how to make it.

2$ Dog Toy “Fishing Pole”

DIY fishing pole toy
for dogs who love fetching!

A very interactive toy for your dog to get their energy out! Instruction is easy to follow too at  $2 Dog Toy “Fishing Pole” – Instructables

Dog Snuffle Basket

DIY dog snuffle basket
this portable snuffle basket is super fun!

This project is very easy to make and quicker than the snuffle matt too! Its miniature size makes it a perfectly portable puzzle toy for your pup! All you have to do is check out the 15-Minute DIY Dog Snuffle Basket (wehearthounds.com)

Spin the Bottle Dog Treat

DIY spin-out bottle
fun game to get the mind working!

This spin-out treat dispenser will surely make your dogs happy and busy! It’s very easy to make and with the help of the Spin-out dog treat game | The Owner-Builder Network and would cost you almost nothing!

Hide+Seek Eat Tubes

DIY hide and seek treat
fun little game for your dog

UPDATED: DIY Dog Enrichment – Personalized Coaching for You and Your Dog (agfdogtraining.com) shared a fun project to keep your dog working for their meals

Knotted Ball from T-Shirt Hems

DIY hem ball from tshirt
a ball from t-shirt him to enjoy

Make your unwanted T-Shirt hems into a Recycled T-Shirt Hem DIY Dog Toys – Dalmatian DIY

3 Strip Fleece Dog Toy

DIY 3 strip tshirt hem tug toy
T-shirt hem made into a tug toy for your buddy

All you need is a basic braid and check  DIY Fleece Dog Toy Tutorial – Mary Martha Mama

4 strip Fleece Dog Toy

4 strip tshirt hem dog tug toy
4 strip of T-shirt hem turn into tug toy for your dogs

A little complicated braid but with this DIY Fleece Dog Toy Tutorial – Mary Martha Mama guide, you can surely do it!

Octopus Dog Toy Out of Old Jeans

DIY denim octopus dog toy
recycled denim turn into a dog toy

You can make a cute octopus Dog toy with the pocket of your old jeans! DIY Octopus Dog Toy Out Of Old Jeans – Sew Historically will show you how to do it!

Pom Pom Denim Dog Toy

DIY denim dog toy
old denim into dog pompom

Very easy to make with the help of
22 DIY Denim Dog Toys – Recycled From Old Jeans! – Sew Historically

Y-Shaped Denim “Rope” Dog Toy

This Y-shaped dog toy may look complicated but it is very easy to make. 22 DIY Denim Dog Toys – Recycled From Old Jeans! – Sew Historically will show you how to do in no time!

Knotted Rope Bone Dog Toy

DIY Y shaped denim dog toy
denim rope dog toy

This project is a fun twist and easy to make than other DIY bone-shaped rope dog toys.
22 DIY Denim Dog Toys – Recycled From Old Jeans! – Sew Historically

Denim Baseball Dog Toy

DIY denim baseball dog toy
recycled denim baseball dog toy

This baseball dog toy made of old denim is very cute! Perfect for your fetching dog!
22 DIY Denim Dog Toys – Recycled From Old Jeans! – Sew Historically

Simple Rag Ball Dog Toy
DIY denim rope toy

A no-sew DIY ball dog toy! Perfect idea if you don’t want to sew.
22 DIY Denim Dog Toys – Recycled From Old Jeans! – Sew Historically

Jelly Fish Dog Toy

DIY jelly fish dog toy
simple and easy to make a dog toy

Try making this cute jelly fist tug toy for your dog!
This is pretty easy and fun to make, read the full guide here DIY T-Shirt Dog Toy – Sew Historically

Donut T-Shirt Dog Toy

DIY donut tshrt toy
donut dog toy made of tshirt

Here’s another idea for a doughnut toy!
5 Different DIY No-Sew T-Shirt Dog Toys – Sew Historically

Square Knot T-Shirt Dog Toy

DIY square not dog tug toy
easy to make tug toy

5 Different DIY No-Sew T-Shirt Dog Toys – Sew Historically

Candy Denim Dog Toy
DIY Candy denim pocket toy

The easiest to make!
You’ll just have to wrap your dog’s treat inside the denim. To learn how to do this, just check 5 DIY No-Sew Recycled Denim Dog Toys – Sew Historically

Donut Denim Dog Toy

DIY denim donut dog toy

5 DIY No-Sew Recycled Denim Dog Toys – Sew Historically