50 Reasons Why Labradors Are Perfect For You

Historically, Labradors earned their keep as fishermen’s helpers: hauling nets, fetching ropes, and retrieving fish from the chilly North Atlantic. Making them both a friendly companion and a useful dog breed. Up to this day, they are known to be as hard-working and good-natured as their ancestors.

No Wonder they are America’s most popular breed.

This lovable dog has so many great attributes, and listing 50 of them wasn’t so hard after all.

1. Best Cuddle Buddy

black labrador
wait a minute; this isn’t the park…

Labradors are affectionate and want nothing more than to be with their human. They are big dogs that love to curl up in your lap and nuzzle up to their adorable face to you.

Also, the perfect therapy session when you are having a rough day!

photo from: Fluffycenter

2. They Offer Comfort

black labrador face
just ate the snow

Labradors can feel your emotions. If you feel sad and want to sleep all day, they will be there next to you and offer you hugs to feel you better.

A furry shoulder that you can lean on.

photo from: Maya_05_18

3.  Labradors Are Gentle

mom and baby labradors
seeing my future self right in from of my eyes

Although they look intimidating because of their immense size, they are actually very gentle and sweet. They are known to be the safest dog to have around vulnerable people.

They are not aggressive, and you can trust them.

photo from: Dog.universe__

4. They Give Companionship

gold puppy labrador
I’ll steal your heart like I steal your side of the bed every day.

There’s never really an alone time when you have a labrador. This furry friend will always be with you, following you around as you go along with your day.

photo from: Hunter.thefoxredlab

5. Their Smile Is Contagious

labrador in snow
Feeling like fetching today!

Feeling down lately? Just spend time with a labrador, and you’ll have the energy for the rest of the week. Labradors are known for positive and cheerful energy.

photo from: Oakley.goldenlab

6.  They Are Enthusiastic

black labrador
shall we begin playing catch, please?

They have all the energy to learn new things making them very trainable dogs. They radiate refreshing and cheerful energy.

photo from: Sue_meinmadchen

7. Great Family Dog

brown labrador
waiting for Heaven to send treats like…

Labradors are known for their chill temperament, making them suitable children. They love being part of a family, and they have a keen instinct to protect their family. They will happily attend a child’s birthday party, even if it means wearing a party hat!

photo from: Rocco_the_chocolatelab

8. Great With Other Pets

brown labrador
Í’m on a serious mode

Labradors are known to generally get along with other dogs, especially if it’s a puppy. They have no problem accepting other pets if they had plenty of exposure!

photo from: Ben_the_chocolab

9. They Are Born To Help

puppy eyes labrador
did you say treats?

Thanks to their ancestors, they were known to being good service dogs. They love assisting their human. They would be more than happy to help by detecting contraband or acting as sight dogs, or helping people with day-to-day tasks.

photo from: Finnegan_the_black_lab

10. Loyal

black puppy labrador
adorable little pup

Labradors may be super friendly with other people or pets; they will always come to their home, which is you.

photo from: Simbas_world9

11. Quick Learners

brown labrador
Sometimes I don’t understand my human. She laughs and smiles at me. It warms my heart, though.

Labradors are very intelligent and always love learning new things. They take obedience training very seriously. Whether you work with a trainer or do it yourself, your Lab is ready and eager to learn. Just make sure you have a handful of treats ready as a reward!

photo from: Barrettthelabrador

12. Your Best Workout Partner

puppy labrador with bow tie
I’m the cutest, am I right?

If you are looking for a daily exercise partner, then a labrador is perfect for you. Labradors love to run and play all day long.

photo from: Labradorpics

13. Friendly Towards Strangers

choclate labrador
chocolate pup!

They are most likely to greet an intruder and happily show them where the goods are. Making them not very ideal as a watchdog.

photo from: Labradorpics

14. Excellent Therapy Dogs

funny face black labrador
Yes! More belly rub!

Because of their sweet nature, they make an excellent therapy dog, visiting homes for the elderly and hospitals, and their intelligence makes them an ideal assistance dog for those with disabilities

photo from: Labradorpics

15. A Search and Rescue Dog

brown labrador
throw it, maybe?

They would also excel as a search and rescue dog or as a retriever for hunters, thanks to their athletic build, strong nose, and courageous nature

photo from: Dougthechunk

16. Loves To Eat

flowers and labrador
will my butt smell like sunshine and flowers after this???

Labradors go crazy for treats. Their love for food may make them obese very quickly if not controlled. Make sure to limit their treats and give them plenty of exercises to keep them healthy.

photo from: Dougthechunk

17. Eager to Please

tired labrador
after a whole night of NetFlix and chill

Labradors love to please and impress their owners, no wonder training them is easy.

photo from: Angus_theyellowlab

18. Obedient

yellow labrador
Did you say WALK?

Labradors love to keep you happy, and if making you happy means following your every command, they are more than willing to do it.

photo from: Angus_theyellowlab

19. Patiently Waits For You

sitting labrador
Do we no longer have treats? I can’t believe you, mom

Do you believe that true love waits? Love-radors, as loyal and loving companions, will patiently wait for you.

photo from: Angus_theyellowlab

20. Loving Dog

black baby labarador
love at first sight

Labradors are heaven sent to love you unconditionally, and they are a gift to every family.

photo from: Labradorpics

21. Low Grooming Needs

cute chocolate labrador
High Five, my lovely Hooman. You did great today!

Labradors only need occasional bath and brushing. Their coat is short and dense and sheds on its own. No need for haircuts. No irksome hairballs. No tangles.

photo from: Labradorpics

22. Labradors Encourages Us to Learn

labrador in autumn
A walk during the autumn season is the best

If you live with a dog, you are challenged every day to train them because they learn super quickly. Learning and teaching them is a great bonding experience you both do every day.

photo from: Dogtorzuko

23. Labradors Are Brave

cute black labrador
Good morning! I have to pee, please!

Labs are more than willing to take the extra mile to protect you.

photo from: Dogtorzuko

24. Good Listeners

two chocolate labradors
always a good time with my buddy!

So many thoughts on your mind and no one to share? Whether you want to rant about your day or just want to share a memorable experience, labradors will listen to you with no judgment.

photo from: Labradorpics

25. Can Withstand Any Weather Conditions

sleeping labrador
today is the day that I sleep all day!

Labradors coat has two layers: a short, thick topcoat and a relatively water-resistant undercoat. This two-layer coat protects them from cold and wet weather.

photo from: Otie_oats

26. Webbed Toes For SnowShoe

yawning labrador
Kids these days. When I was a pup, I only had one toy and a stick.

Their webbed toes can effectively act as a snowshoe in colder climates, as it keeps snow from collecting between their toes. No need to buy shoes for your dogs when walking them outside.

photo from: Otie_oats

27. Great Swimmers

black puppy labrador
I heard you were eating…

Because of their webbed toes, they make great swimmers!

photo from: Labradorpics

28. Guide Dogs

chocolate pup labrador
this is the reason why we are called “love-rador.”

Labradors are very easy to train, intelligent, and with a gentle temperament. They are no doubt would be suitable as a guide dog.

photo from: Labradorpics

29. They Are Goofy Bundles Of Fur

cute labrador
Uhm… You can let go now

Labradors don’t take life seriously, which reminds us that we shouldn’t either! Labradors have a hilarious sense of humor. They are funny, silly, goofy, and they can make you laugh each and every day.

photo from: Labradorpics

30. 10-12 Wonderful Years

sunflower and labrador
I need to chew that big flower!

Labradors are healthy breeds. You will have 10-12 years to show them your love. Make everyday count!

photo from: Thelifeofkuma

31. Never a Boring Day

daisy and labrador
oopsy daisy

When you have a lab, there’s no such thing as a dull day as they are game with anything you want to do.

photo from: Thelifeofkuma

32. Popular Dog

chocolate labrador out for a walk
This day is fur-fect

photo from: Thelifeofkuma

33. Great Looks

puppy eyes labrador
a daily dose of cuteness

Labradors have a broad skull with ‘chiseled’ features softened by his kindly expression and soft ear flaps. His body is powerful and well-muscled and ends in a thick tail that tapers to a point.

Their body has a good cooling system and has a robust set of jaws with a full complement of 42 large white teeth.

photo from: Labradorpics

34. Interesting Colors

chocolate labrador
working on my tan.

Labradors come in three colors, yellow (sometimes called Gold), chocolate (which used to be called Liver), and Black.

photo from: Labradorpics

35. Athletic

puppy labrador
Mom, why are you upside down?

Labradors are surprisingly agile, capable of jumping heights. They can sprint at speed over short distances or maintain a comfortable loping stride to carry them for mile after mile.

photo from: Dayinthelifeofmaxi

36. Gentle Mouth

black labrador in cute sweater
Why duck, mom?

Their mouths can carry delicate items with great care, and his urge to pick up and carry things is strong.

photo from: Labrador_daily

37. Extraordinary Tracker

black labrador
How long do you think I can hold my breath?

Their ability to track items by scent alone is extraordinary, and it is no surprise that Labradors are so sought after by bomb disposal teams, customs, and excise authorities.

photo from: Vikingthelab

38. Friendly Eyes

I miss my human. I’m a sad boy

Labradors are known for their kind and friendly eyes, expressing their character and good temperament.

photo from: Vikingthelab

39.  The Perfect Size

brown labrador
Actually, I rescued my human and gave her lots of love.

Labradors are not too big and not too small. They are 22-24 inches in height and 60-75 pounds in weight for males, and 21-23 inches and 55-70 pounds for females. Labrador retrievers are the perfect size for an active family.

photo from: Labrador_daily

40. Help Us Live Longer

chocolate labrador
waiting in vain

Because there is a need to exercise your dog. You, as an owner, will get a lot of it than without him. Every exercise you get will help you live a longer and healthier life.


41. Brave Dogs

brown labrador
Actually, I rescued my human and gave her lots of love.

The Labrador falls into the category of ‘gundog breeds’ of dogs.

photo from: Labrador_daily

42. World’s Finest Retriever

labrador in bed
I seldom bark. But when I do, it’s late at night and for no reason.

Because of Labradors’ skill at finding games, his ability to carry objects in his mouth without harming them, and his intelligence and biddable temperament made them the world’s finest retriever!

photo from: Labrador_bennet

43.  Easy To Train

relaxed labrador

Labradors are bred to follow human cues, and they make a very well-behaved pet that can perform many more commands than “sit,” “stay,” and “roll over.”

photo from: Labrador_jordan

44. A Talented Dog

smiling labrador
let’s fetch!

This breed has been very helpful since the early days. From therapy dog to military dog, to companion – and his competence at everything he is asked to do has defined him.

They are clearly a dog of many talents.

photo from: Bellatheblondelab

45. Good With Kids

cute face black labrador
I can smell you cheating on me…

Labradors very gentle and patient breed. They will go along with any children if given the right training and exposure.


46. Healthy Breed

black labrador enjoying outdoors
It’s Tongue’s out, Tuesday!

Labradors are healthy breeds. But issues will include hip and knee dysplasia and eye problems, which are all unfortunately common in most dog breeds as they age.

photo from: Jacksontheblacklab.x

47. A dog’s Buddy

labrador in red sweater
Always camera-ready under the sun!

You will not have any problem when taking your dog for a walk or at a dog park. There’s no doubt he’ll get along great with any dog he encounters.

photo from: Willow_thecockerdor

48. Relaxing Household

black labrador in snow
Don’t worry. I’m going to watch over you.

Labradors can make you feel more relaxed in the evenings because they are dogs that have no problem lying by your side.

Photo from: Taco.the.choclab

49. Doesn’t Mind Getting Stuck In

happy labrador
I’m happy when you’re happy!

Whatever you are doing at home, your Labrador wants to be doing it too.

photo from: Life_of_loki_luna

50. They Make Us A Better Person

labrador at the beach
sun’s out, the tongue’s out!

Given the labradors’ great characteristics. They will inspire you to become a better human being. Labrador is a wonderful dog to be around because they teach us patience, loyalty, and ways to control our emotions and have fun.

photo from: Giulio__vita