Detroit Pit Crew Rescues Mother and Babies from Harsh Michigan Winter

Rescuing dogs is always a worthy cause, but the Detroit Pit Crew is a shining example of how individuals can make a lasting impact on the lives of animals in our communities.  This Detroit, Michigan based rescue is focused on making sure pit bulls get the life they deserve. Man holding puppy

Detroit Pit Crew Rescues Mother and Babies

In late January 2021, in the midst of the cold snowy Michigan winter, the Detroit Pit Crew stumbled upon a stray momma dog and her puppies living on the streets.  They set out to see if they could help, and they did, indeed! Michigan is known for the cold snowy winters, and this one is no different.  As the Detroit area had snowfall in late January, it was a worrisome time for many humans as well as their animal counterparts.  Seeing a stray out in the cold had the pit crew running, and what they found shocked. Momma dog in snow

Strays Hide in the Strangest Places

This momma dog knew she had to keep her babies warm, but how was that possible without a home and out in the snow? She found an old abandoned sofa and hid her litter inside the sofa against the broken down cushions.  Even if owners abandoned her, she knew she couldn’t abandon her babies. Dilapidated couch When the Detroit Pit Crew found out about this dog, they knew it was time to jump into action.  Locating the hidden puppies, they made a plan. First, capture momma and get her safe, then rescue her pups. Once momma was in a cage and being whisked away to a warm cozy spot to heal and be loved, it was time to head back to that old sofa and find the babies. Momma dog in cage They found an adorable jumble of babies that were cozy and warm thanks to their momma, but in desperate need of love and a good check up. Man reaching into couch Once they grabbed the babies and got them all safe to the rescue, it was time to reunite with their momma. Man holding pit bull puppy Back at the rescue, they were treated to a nice warm fuzzy blanket and a “puppy pile” kept them warm and feeling safe. Puppy pile in rescue

These Puppies and Momma are Now Safe

Thanks to the hard work of the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, another family has been saved and is being shown love today.  Well on their way to healing and finding homes where they will be loved and cared for, their lives have been changed by the love of another great dog rescue. While they aren’t out of the woods yet, they are well on their way to finding forever homes and getting the medical treatment they desperately need. Help support the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue with donations, or even simple purchases made on Amazon.  You can find out more about them at their various links below.

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