Dog breeds with unusual fur coats

Puli breed of dog. Photo:

None of these dogs are for the average dog lover and most don’t do well in our climate but they are amazing to look at, just in photos.

The Powderpuff Chinese Crested dog is a walking fluffball. It has long feathery hair that looks absolutely gorgeous but it takes a tonne of maintenance.

Curiously, the other breed variation is the Hairless Chinese Crested dog that has a smooth, hairless body and legs but a furry face and paws and a tail that look like feathery pompoms.

While the hairless version looks low maintenance, the skin is delicate and takes a lot of care.

Pulis look as if they’ve been to the hairdresser and had their fur put into dreadlocks. Legend has it that these Hungarian sheepdogs were originally bred with this kind of fur because it helped protect them against wolf bites.

Today, many Puli lovers give their dogs a close shave to make them easier to maintain but they leave faces and chests in the original state for their beauty.

The Bergamasco is an Alpine dog famous for its super matted coat. The mats are made up of three types of hair: an oily undercoat, a mid-layer of short dense hair and a curly woolly top coat. All these layers grow together, creating a matted look.

As this was originally a working dog that guarded sheep and cattle in the mountains, the thick mats of hair were designed to protect them from the cold as well as predators like wolves.